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Beyond Biotech podcast 12: Gate Neurosciences, Oncolyze, 3Brain

September 02, 2022 Labiotech
Beyond Biotech - the podcast from Labiotech
Beyond Biotech podcast 12: Gate Neurosciences, Oncolyze, 3Brain
Show Notes

2:48 news
5:22 Gate Neurosciences
16:18 3Brain
31:13 Oncolyze
50:22 JLL

This week’s podcast guests are Mike McCully, CEO of Gate Neurosciences; Steven Evans, CEO and co-founder of Oncolyze; and Philipp Markolin, scientific marketing specialist at 3Brain.

We also have our weekly chat with global commercial real estate services company JLL, and this week it’s a chat with  Amber Schiada, head of life sciences research in the Americas for the company.

Gate launches to develop CNS treatments

Gate Neurosciences has officially launched to develop its next-generation therapeutics addressing synaptic dysfunction in patients suffering from central nervous system (CNS) disorders.

Gate, a U.S. biotech company, was founded in 2019 by a team of neuroscience industry veterans to address the need for more effective treatments for CNS disorders, and to overcome long-standing challenges in CNS drug development. 

Since its founding, the company has acquired a portfolio of next-generation compounds from large pharma, along with corresponding data from thousands of patients dosed across numerous clinical trials that will inform and de-risk future development.

Oncolyze set for AML clinical trials

After successfully completing in vitro and in vivo experiments, which support the notion that its lead drug candidate OM-301 breaks down cancer cells and increases survival rates, Oncolyze now has its sights set on advancing OM-301 into clinical trials.

Oncolyze has designed a novel anti-cancer drug (OM-301) that targets a particular cell surface protein. This protein, HDM2, is known to exist at high levels inside cancer cells and is thought to be an important driver of cancer growth and metastasis. More recently, though, it was discovered that HDM2 is also found on the cell surface of many types of cancer cells, but not normal cells.

3D microchip gives insights into human brain

A microchip that allows scientists to study the complexity of 3D cellular networks at unrivaled scale and precision has been added to 3Brain AG’s brain-on-chip portfolio.

In collaboration with Swiss precision manufacturing experts, CSEM, 3Brain AG made the announcement last month.

The cell-electronic interface technology will also allow scientists to gain novel mechanistic insights into the inner workings of the most complex structure in the universe, the human brain.

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